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 Jean Marie's Wedding

The Request:

Lee and JeanMarie could not afford to have their wedding filmed by a professional videographer. Instead they sent us several photographs from the past and present, as well as some wedding photos and video footage that was shot by their uncle. They wanted a memorable keepsake from the wedding at a very affordable price.

The Reaction:

Lee and Jean Marie
Boulder, CO

Thank you Alan!! The video you created of our wedding FAR exceeded my expectations! The whole family was moved to tears. Every time we watch it it's like re-living the actually wedding day all over again.
We can't thank you enough!
We will be using LIVING WORLD CREATIONS again!
Count on it!


Virgil's Memorial Tribute

The Request:

Sandra and her brother Bill sent us several photos and video footage from their father's funeral. Their father was a distinguished and decorated World War II veteran who was buried with honors at a local veterans cemetery. They wanted a video that could be shared with all of those who could not attend the funeral as well as a permanent family keepsake they could be shared for generations to come!

The Reaction:

Sandra Shippey
San Diego, CA

My brother Bill received the memorial video of our father today and he called me right after he reviewed it.

He absolutely loved it!

When I got back to my office from a meeting I viewed the video on my office computer and I completely loved it to0!

You did a wonderful job of capturing the day of the funeral as well as the important aspects of our dad's life and his passions.

I love the chosen music, your professional editing and the extra footage of the mountains, the sky, and World War II.

This video will be a treasured possession for all of my dad’s siblings, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren and probably even for future generations.

Thank you so much for all of your kindness and hard work in putting together this wonderful memorial video!


Talia's First Birthday

The Request:

Karen and Paul wanted to do something really special for their daughter's first birthday party. They wanted to share the video with family and friends from all over the world! They sent us several photographs from the past and the present along with some video footage and we produced a beautiful short synopsis of their daughter's first birthday!

The Reaction:

Karen and Paul Leask
Seattle WA

Thank you Alan!! The video you created of my daughter's first birthday party FAR exceeded my expectations! The whole family loved it and we love watching it over and over again because it brings back all those wonderful memories!
We can't thank you enough!
We will be using LIVING WORLD CREATIONS again!
Count on it!


LIVING WORLD CREATIONS also offers larger video projects as well.

Check out our featured fund raising videos for non-profits in the VIDEO GALLERY. We can also produce projects that require specialized technical skills such as “green screen filming” and “video animation”.

Contact us for details on special pricing for these kinds of projects, or projects longer than 5 minutes.

Fund Raiser Video

50% of all profits go to help support several charaties, including:

  • St. Joseph’s Indian School
    Chamberlain, SD
  • Emergency Family Assistance Association
    Boulder, CO
  • St. Jude’s Children Hospital
    Memphis TN
  • Coal Creek Meals on Wheels
    Lafayette, CO

CONTACT US for more information.